Our team at frog worked with BNY Mellon, the global banking and financial services institution, to understand and rethink a better experience for their wealth management clients. Throughout the 17-week program, we developed a vision for their leadership to embrace, as well as restructuring and establishing foundational designs for the future of their management portal, Private Workbench.


Our team traveled the country conducting extensive interviews with 9 stakeholders, 14 wealth management experts and 11 BNY Mellon clients. We gained a wealth of insight not just on money management, but also a critical need for the client/advisor relationship and perception of trust. Our team immersed ourselves through activities with clients such as relationship mapping, journey mapping, opportunity generation and tools observation.


I lead a user experience audit of the current Private Workbench. This heuristic review of the current digital client experience was intended to help us identify areas to improve upon, guide nearer-term actions and inform the future state of the longer-term Wealth Management Digital Client Experience. Mapping out the existing IA helped us identify key areas to improve on as well.

We created a series of experience storyboards to convey what a future of wealth management could look like as an omni-channel platform. The story highlighted key moments along the journey such as goal setting, relationship building, knowledge sharing, onboarding and family wealth planning.
After completing an audit of the current portal and synthesizing the research, our team restructured a new IA. The redesigned site logically buckets topics with a more intuitive navigation, making it easier for users to find and view the information they needed.
Once we defined the IA and page types, wireframes helped us collect user feedback and align with stakeholders. We focused on how to display large sets of complex data in an easily understood and consumable manner.
Using BNY Mellon’s design language frog had previously established, I collaborated with our team’s visual designer to develop the look and feel of the experience. We wanted the portal to instill trust and confidence while feeling contemporary and smart.