Peloton Rowing Machine | Interaction and Visual Design for Peloton's Rowing Machine
End to end product design for the Peloton Rowing machine, starting with touch interaction and remote controls to allow users to control the digital UI, class details, and workout details on the screen of their Rower.

I started by site mapping the experience to create understandable patterns to allow users to know how to select modules during a workout and interact with them deeper by viewing their stats, improving row form, and changing in class music. This process also involved product management, engineering, and research to test iterations and align with our goals and product requirements.

Animation & Prototyping
I was also responsible for building prototypes to test our theories and interactions as well as managing and building the design system which held components of the UI and would have to be accessible and seamless to hand off to engineers. The visual design was intended to feel on brand with Peloton and allow for simple recognition of success states, error states, and easy to understand and readable stats such as workout metrics, leaderboard members, and to give enough attention and non distraction to the in class instructors on screen. This product was successfully shipped in October 2022.